Marine Water Treatment

Whether it is potable, grey or black water, understanding the importance of the quality of the treated water is the first step to optimising the required water treatment process. All Marine Solutions’ engineers are constantly in touch with the latest technology and regulation in this field.

Marine Wastewater TreatmentAll Marine Solutions is the leader in the field of wastewater treatment systems to suit both recreational and commercial vessels. It designs, manufactures and installs its in-house systems. These include:-

  1. Black and grey water systems
  2. Holding tank systems
  3. Compliant waste treatment systems

From basic holding tank setups to advanced Grade A treatment systems, All Marine Solutions can tailor the right system to suit the requirement.

marine waste treatment system


watermaker WatermakersWatermakers come in various capacities and configurations to suit small pleasure craft to mega yachts. All Marine Solutions’ diversified knowledge ensures that the equipment selected fits the required application. Its capabilities include:-

  1. Installation, upgrades and commissioning
  2. Servicing and repair
  3. Pickling and unpickling


Dosing, Disinfection & FiltrationAll Marine Solutions is skilled in water treatment applications where odour filters, mechanical filters, chemical metering and ultra violet disinfection are required. Some of these applications include:-

  1. Treatment of grey and black water
  2. Elimination of dangerous protozoa, bacteria and virus in fresh water tanks
  3. Control of scale formation in pipes, tanks or heat exchangers
  4. Control of odour from holding tanks
Filter cartridge